• Crap!
    Tue Jan 30 2018 01:06 pm
    So I accidentally deleted some custom files for my board. Hopefully I have a
    backup somewhere. In the meantime... crap!

  • Microsoft working on Rural Internet plans
    Thu Jul 13 2017 01:47 pm
  • Whatever...
    Wed Apr 05 2017 02:04 pm
    Working on the website. Weird things happening, can't track down the problem.
    Some have lead me to believe it's because my site is getting hammered by bots,
    but I'm not seeing that kind of traffic. Maybe I'm missing something.

  • 2016-10-04 - Election Forecast 2014
    Tue Oct 04 2016 04:32 pm
    OMG, so there's a door under X>ternal Apps > Applications. It gives election
    updates/forecasts. Check it out before it goes dead after the Elections.


    p.s. - Want it for your Synchro Board? Check out...
  • System Additions/Cleaning
    Wed Sep 07 2016 10:40 am
    9/7/2016 - Look ma, I'm doing stuff!

    OK, so I'm just cleaning house, something I should be doing all the time, but
    honestly... this BBS is a LOW priority hobby at the moment. I'm considering
    putting this board on AWS, but i'm trying to figure out if all the spam/bot
    bandwidth would put me out of the "Free" Tier.

    Trying to keep this board a low cost as possible, but my home AT&T DSL is
    really horrible. Having the BBS on a cloud box would be pretty cool. Hopefully
    I can make it happen.

    In the meantime I'm fixing things like the login screens all look wrong and
    aren't working correctly, but now they are, and I just realized that there are
    a lot of login screens. So I'm considering making a fast login option (Skip to
    main menu), or just trimming the fat.

    A few of the logins I really like are door apps. One being local weather which
    will look at the callers location and get the WeatherUnderground data at that
    moment. Pretty cool, thanks LoLAGeek. The other being the new Solar Data app
    from Ken3DB which is really cool for those HAM guys. I love the look of those
    apps. It's inspiring me to clean up the rest of the site. (just a little)

    Finally in the X>ternal Doors area, I killed AgoraNet League. For some reason
    since I started using BinkIT for FTN (Fidonet Transfer Network), the online
    game packets aren't getting to their destination. My upllink runs a tight ship,
    so he cut me off and I've had no desire to get reconnected. The Echo's for
    AgoraNet are still coming in, so for now unless someone demands it, I'd rather
    just stick with the CoA InterBBS Games (which often aren't working, but that
    could be my DSL again).

    Oh, some more stuff... Did you see that Nightdive Studios is doing a REMAKE of
    System Shock? (http://systemshock.com/) What's more is there is a System Shock
    3 in development as well! (http://othersidetease.com/sss.php)

    It's a good time to be online!