• Marina, CA!
    Wed May 13 2020 10:40 pm
    Hey all,

    Long time! Well I'm settled in Marina. My PC is running, SBBS is updated to v3.18 and seems to be running smoothly.

    Of course if you see issues, don't hesitate to send me an email. I'd especially love it for people to poke around the online games and see what works, and what is BROKEN still. Actually if you come across broken stuff I should get an alert now. How cool/modern. Oooooo.... Ahhhhh....

    I'm impressed with the updates to SBBS. For those of you who may not be aware, here are some of the things I'm impressed by:

    -Mouse Support - Yeah, you can click on stuff (assuming its working correctly).
    -Code Improvements everywhere - Digital Man, Deuce, and eChicken, wow.

    That's about it, so far. I got SBBS running on a striped down Windows 7 VM. It's so striped down that I have to remote in to do anything. Next up is a Linux box and moving the system over. I feel a lot of the code improvements has helped my understanding of how to make changes (mods) and not break stuff. I'm starting to feel "comfortable" making changes here and there.

    That's it for now. Pop around, let me know what you like, or dislike.

  • DoveNet Muck Up
    Mon Dec 02 2019 08:36 am
    Hey all,

    I accidentally messed up the DoveNet settings when I was trying to "Fix" the SyncDATA area (had the prefix/doohicky set wrong), but when I changed the setting it affected all the other DoveNet data files and SCFG doesn't automatically rename datafiles if you change what the message base points too.

    Basically the datafiles are still there, but SBBS was now looking at different datafile names.

    I restored a couple of the based, but some were wiped. Sorry. If you need some of the older conversations, login to vert.synchro.net. :)


  • Monterey County Rangers, RSS Feed
    Wed Oct 30 2019 08:34 am
    I added a RSS feed for, "151.250 BEU (CDF San Benito-Monterey Ranger Unit) Local RSS feed" Basically they post fire stuff for Monterey County.

    I figured with CA having all these fire issues that I might start bringing in relivant news postings.

    The RSS Feed posts to the Local Monterey board. Find it and add it to your new message scans.


  • RSS Feed Added for Monterey Rangers
    Wed Oct 30 2019 08:32 am
    Oops, disregard.
  • FIXED! So long Windows XP!
    Sat Sep 28 2019 12:01 pm
    So my board was dead. I pushed the nightly build to my system and Windows XP kept crashing. Because I had already updated all the JavaScript on the board (without a backup, of course), everything was borked under the older SBBS build.

    After much researching, it was suggested (by Digital Man of course) that maybe it's time to retire Windows XP.

    So I found a Windows 7 OEM Key I had lying around, and after trying to use the key with Windows 10, and failing, I installed the Windows 7 x86 under VirtualBox 6, spent a day patching. Copied in my SBBS folder, and everything worked.

    So, Latest build running again, and everything seems clean and working correctly.

    Chalk this one up to BACKUP before updating anything. I'm gonna make a automatic backup that makes nice little archives and keep them on a Cloud account in Argentina or something...

    So Long Live Windows 7! (until January 20th, 2020 when it hits EOL... FML)